Large Bead Pendant Tutorial View

We all have that box of beads, ones we love but don’t know quite what to do with…… This tutorial will show you haw to mount a large bead showing it off and allowing you to the most pleasure from it by wearing it

Elegance Ring View

This is a beautiful ring, designed to hold a cabochon. The creates smooth sleek lines that lends a certain elegance to this ring.

Keepsake Pendant View

Have an image that you would like to hold close to your heart? This tutorial guides you how to create a keepsake pendant a holder for a small image, a little like a locket this pendant firmly holds your picture safe so that you can look at it any time you wish.

Channel Set Bead Ring Tutorial View

Little beads look stunning when framed correctly – and although they are small they can become the ultimate focus when the wires show case them correctly. This ring will make the most of those tiny beads

Intertwined Bangle View

Sometimes you just want the wire – or maybe the wire and beads? Well this tutorial will show you both – The intertwined bangle looks great with or without beads why not make both?

The Butterfly Bangle View

This has to be one of my all time favorite designs, not only does it look stunning but it is great to wear, light and a great shape to flatter the wrist and hand.