Welcome to Wire Guild – Online Wire Wrapping Tutorials

Looking for a great place to learn about wire wrapping and wire jewellery making? Well you’ve come to the right place! we have a large vibrant community of wire wrapping members who share in our online tutorials each month. We have wire wrapping and weaving tutorials for beginners as well as advanced jewellery makers alike. Our tutorials cover a wide sway of designs and pieces and we have a video tutorial to suit all tastes. You can even build your own library of videos to suit your own tastes and wire wrapping skill level.

My name is Rachel Murgatroyd and live inland from Galway in the beautiful country of Ireland. Although not a native to this lovely country, originally I come from Yorkshire in England, I have made it my home. The light, the countryside and the people make it a wonderful place to live and work. I live with my two sons, two dogs and three cats and a mini herd of chickens.

I started making wire jewellery about 20 years ago and loved the freedom that it offers for the design of jewellery. In other mediums there are so many rules about how you can do things (or it all does go wrong) that you are tied. With wire wrapping there really is no right or wrong if you can put it on your finger it is a ring if you suspend it around your neck it is a pendant!

I admit to hating rules, and that is why I love wire wrapping when jewellery making, for there are so few. I will acknowledge that if the stone you have tried to set falls out it may be a problem but then again one of my favourite pendants did just that and I sold it without the stone and it was stunning.

I sell my work at craft fairs, exhibitions, in galleries and on line and I am always happy to help others to get started with selling their own jewellery.

I trained for teaching, as I had been approached by a private jewellery school in the UK about 15 years ago. I loved and still love teaching! It is so brilliant to see someone’s face when they realise that they can make jewellery and they like it! So I teach regularly at ‘In The Studio’ in the UK.

About three years ago I did a short photo tutorial and posted it on Youtube I had not expected anything maybe just some ex-students brushing up on skills forgotten. Now two years on we see the birth of Wire Guild my new baby, an on-line teaching facility dedicated to wire jewellery.

I hope you decide to join me and many others at Wire Guild.