Can anyone make Wire Jewellery?

Wire Wrapping Jewelry

Wire wrapping is one of the oldest techniques for making jewellery by hand. Wires are ‘wrapped’ together or bound together with no soldering or gluing. Cohesion of the piece of jewellery is entirely in the way the wires are interlocked.

Examples of wire and beaded jewellery made using wire wrapping techniques date back to thousands of years BC. The British Museum has samples of jewellery from the Sumerian Dynasty, found in the cemetery of Ur that contains spiralled wire components. Wire wrapping is even mentioned in the Bible the description of Aaron’s breastplate is defiantly that of a wire wrapped piece.

In modern day, wire wrapping and weaving techniques tend to be used by craftsmen and women and artisans that love the idea of one off pieces of jewellery as each piece has to be completely crafted by hand.

I strongly believe that anyone (who wants to) can create wire jewellery and I have never had a student who could not create at least one piece they were happy with. If you have tried to learn the skill in the past and failed it is more likely that you have not had the right instruction. Maybe you have bought books on the subject? Did you know that publishers dictate the number of steps that can be included in the instructions this sometimes means that a step is left out, or glossed over not surprising then if your piece does not closely resemble the illustration in the book! Here at Wire Guild my tutorials take you through each and every step in the process and as this is my company there are no restrictions on how long a tutorial is. Years of teaching has shown me that most students need to be shown and to practice several times before something clicks this is why my tutorials are so popular.