Can I just join as a Free member?

No.  Free membership is reserved for members that have paid for at least three months.

Can I use my credits to buy Products/materials in the shop?

Some products in the shop can be purchased with credits.  Like PDF tutorials – Check the details in the shop listing

Can we pay one month at a time? Or do we have to pay for a full year in advance?

Payments for membership are on a Monthly or Annual basis and will be automatically taken from your credit/debit card or bank account via PayPal. This will ensure your continued membership. If at any-time you wish to cancel your payments and your membership you just need to cancel the recurring payment with Paypal.

How do I cancel my membership?

If at any time you decide that you no longer wish to be a member of Wire Guild all you need do is cancel your payment with Paypal and your membership will cease at the end of your current payment period.

How do I get extra credits?

The monthly recurring payment is all facilitated by PayPal. PayPal is extremely secure, ensuring the safety and security of our members details they also enable payments to be accepted in many different forms of currency, therefor I made the decision to just use that method. I am very sorry if this is inconvenient but we do not accept any other payment method, membership payments must be made via PayPal.

I want to buy something from the shop but it is priced in Euro how do I know how much this is in another currency?

There is a currency converter in the top left just choose which currency you prefer.

I’m a paid member if I move to Free Membership will I lose my tutorials

No!    Members can change their status and change from paid to Free Membership without loss of viewing privileges on your current tutorials.  Credits however will not transfer to a Free Membership and will expire 2 months after cancellation of payments.

Paypal Charges are €6 and I want to pay in Dollars or Pounds Sterling how do I do this?

As paypal is taking care of all the payments you will see the conversion rate to your chosen currency when you agree to the payment. The monthly membership fee could only be in one currency and as I am based in Ireland that has to be in Euro.

The Price is listed in Euro I live in the UK can I join?

Yes – Paypal converts the amount into your own currency at the time of payment.

What happens if I don’t like the tutorials that are available to buy will I loose my credits?

No! All credits will carry forward to the next month and as new tutorials will be added to the choice of tutorials there will always be new choices.

When are payments taken for the monthly membership fee?

Payments are taken monthly from when you made the first payment e.g. If you joined Wire Guild and made your first payment on the 6th of the month your next payment will be taken on the 6th of the following month and so on.

Where are my credits?

If you go to the top menu and select My Account then choose Credits Account from the drop down list this page will show your your credit balance and how you have used previous credits.