Thriving Community driven support

We love what we do

Wire Guild is a website entirely devoted to wire wrapping and weaving. I have made and taught wire jewellery for many years honing skills to pass on to you.

Joining Wire Guild and becoming a member is more than just signing up to a website, it is becoming part of a community of like-minded people. People who, just like you, love jewellery and want to create it.

Many websites offer written PDF tutorials but sometimes still photographs just don’t show you everything. You can go and buy DVD’s but these are often very pricy and even when you have watched it, it is just one piece, and there is no follow up, what do you do if you get stuck or don’t understand part of the instructions?

Help & Support for as long as you are a member
Every single online video tutorial that I produce is one of my designs that I created and perfected and I understand completely how it is made and what can go wrong. I will continue to give out as much help as is required for as long as you are a member.

A forum is provided so that you can show what you have made and see the work of others, chat to other wire workers about trends or suppliers make suggestions about new tutorials.

I am also completely happy to have you make and sell my designs you will never see the caveat that you can only make these items for yourself on my tutorials. In fact if I can help get you started on selling your work I will be delighted to help.