Viking Weave / Knit View

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This tutorials shows you how to create Viking Weave sometimes called Viking Knit.

I use a perspex rod and a draw plate and 0.5mm or 24 gauge round wire however you can experiment to produce different weights and looks with anything from 0.3mm 28 gauge all the way to 0.7mm or 21 gauge much thicker than that and you will need super strong fingers and muscles like a wrestler.

Please note this tutorial is just to create the weave not a finished item - a tutorial will be out soon with some of the things you can make with the ever versatile viking weave.


0.5mm round wire

#11 seed beads


Run Time 19:37


Quick Make – Faux Stacked Ring Tutorial View

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Quick Make

I just love super quick rings, especially if you are selling.  It is a great way to engage your customers and giving them a great choice of reasonably priced rings is a must if you want to make those sales!

These rings use very little materials but look great.

  • Materials
  • 0.8mm or 20 gauge round wire.
  • #11 Seed beads  Or any tiny beads with holes large enough for the wire.


Run Time  10:14


Quick Make – Beaded Leaf Pendant View

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The Beaded Leaf Pendant is a Quick Make


Fast and simple to create this pendant can be made using any kind of bead!  Hammering is involved so you will need a hard block or surface and a hammer to smack that wire!

You could use a thinner wire and create two of these to make very pretty earrings


  • 14 gauge or 1.6mm round wire
  • 8mm bead

Run Time 9:16

The Cradled Moon Pendant View

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The Cradled Moon Pendant Tutorial


This tutorial guides you through how to create and use a frame to hold a stone smaller than itself.  How to hold the stone and attach it to the frame.  Creating swirls and curls to disguise joins and attachments.

A really pretty pendant that will incorporate a cabochon this does not need to be a moonstone as I have used or even a circular stone.  This setting will lend itself to just about any shape.  Have fun trying different ideas and variants on this pretty design.


  • 1.6mm or 14 gauge round wire
  • 0.8mm or 20 gauge round wire
  • A cabochon (I used a 14mm round moonstone)

Run Time 25:00

Turtle Pendant Wrap Tutorial View

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Turtle Pendant Tutorial


What is nicer than a little family of turtles, the shape is great for flat backed cabochons.  And Labradorite that I love is such a beautiful earthy natural stone to make my turtle shells.  But please do not be swayed by me, experiment and then show your turtles in the forum - Lets see how beautiful and unique they can be.

In the tutorial I show you had to make two (the two largest) of the turtles shown so that you get more of a feel how to personalise your own turtle.


  • 0.8mm or 20 gauge round wire
  • 0.4mm or 26 gauge round wire
  • Central focal stone


Run Time 59:50

The Rose Ring Tutorial – With or Without Leaves View

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The Rose Ring

The tutorial shows you step by step not only how to make the rose ring using a swarovski rivoli but also how to make a solitaire version using a 6mm gemstone.

This is a lovely ring that combines wrapping with weaving if you want to add leaves.  It looks great on the hand and is easy to wear.


  • Approx 12" or 30cm of 0.8mm or 20 gauge round wire (I used dead soft)
  • 6mm Swarovski Rivoli
  • 6mm Snap Set (available in the shop)
  • 4 x 6.5mm jump rings
  • 18 or 21 gauge half hard, half round, wire for the shank (optional)
  • If you want leaves you will need - As Above +
  • 0.4mm or 26 gauge round wire (I use 999 fine silver)
  • For the Gemstone Version  As Above but replace the rivoli with a
  • 6mm Gemstone


Run Time 41:55



Framed Briolette Pendant View

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Framed Briolette Pendant Tutorial

This frame does not have to be used for a briolette you could use it to mount either a row of beads or just a favorite bead.  The frame is a way of saying I love this bead and I want to show it to it's best advantage.  Or you could look at it as adding value to your bead and drop pendants.

However you decide to use it, it looks great!


0.8mm or 20 gauge round wire

0.4mm or 26 gauge round wire

Central briolette or beads

Tiny frame beads - seed beeds (11) or I used 2-3mm spinels

Run Time 29:00





Flower Pin/Brooch Tutorial View

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Flower Pin/Brooch

Pretty, delicate and versatile.  You can double up the petals for a more complex fuller piece.  You could weave in between the petals or bead them. So many ways to change and alter this piece to suit whoever it is for.  A great seller for mothers day.

The tutorial shows you both the stick pin and a clip in brooch fastening.


  • 1mm or 18 gauge round wire.
  • 0.4mm or 26 gauge round wire
  • some beads for decoration.

Run Time 23:57




Beaded and Splayed Bangle View

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Beaded and Splayed Bangle

This is a useful tutorial even if you are not sure you like the design of the bangle.  It will show you how to nestle a bead into the wires so that it looks like an integral part of your design and not an after thought.  It also shows haw to splay the wires of your bangle strap and you can use this to create so many different looks. We also use a variation on the standard bindings to add interest.

So super fun, new things to learn and so versatile.  And if you do like the design is it beautiful in its asymmetry with added interest in the unusual binding, light and delicate to wear - the perfect piece for summer.


  • 21 Gauge square wire (half hard or dead soft)
  • 18 Gauge half hard half round wire
  • 18 gauge or 1mm round wire
  • A Bead - I used a 4mm swarovski cube

Run Time 31:14