Ear Cuff Tutorial View

This tutorial is one of my earliest tutorials and was shown on YouTube, although rather old it is still a great design and a firm favourite of mine especially as it sells consistently well.

Slide show tutorial using still images


  • 0.8mm or 20 gauge round wire
  • 4mm beads


Run Time  6:08

Floral Vine, Necklace, Earrings and Ring Tutorial View

This woven necklace, earrings and ring are stunning. Great for bridal jewellery or if you just want to make something that has real impact. Or take the design details and make it your own.

The tutorial covers the necklace, earrings and the ring so it is like three tutorials all in one.



  • 0.8mm or 20 gauge round wire
  • 0.4mm or 26 gauge round wire
  • Large Swarovski Element
  • 2mm Swarovski beads
  • Fresh Water Pearls
  • Silver Chain


  • 0.8mm or 20 gauge round wire
  • 0.4mm or 26 gauge round wire
  • Silver Chain
  • Swarovski crystal Beads
  • Ear Nuts or Ear Backs/Butterflies


  • 1mm or 18gauge round wire
  • 0.4mm or 26 gauge round wire
  • Various sized Swarovski beads


Run Time 1:15:31

Filled Flowers – Floral Earrings View

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This tutorial shows you how to create tiny flowers filled with colour.  It then shows you how to make these flowers into very pretty delicate earrings.  However the flowers can be used in any number of projects from scrap booking to decorations for the outside of dolls houses.

Fun to make!


  • Fine wire I used 0.4mm or 26 gauge
  • Nail Varnish
  • For The Earrings 0.8mm or 20 gauge round wire

Run Time 32:59


Beaded and Chained Earrings View

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I am always being asked for new earring tutorials so this time I went for a pair that had something to say, these are statement earrings with flow colour and movement.


  • 0.8mm or 20 gauge round wire
  • 0.4mm or 26 gauge round wire
  • Seed beads (available in shop)
  • Silver chain

Run Time 30:59


Bead Stud Earrings View

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Pretty Delicate and a very popular sales item.

These stud earrings are great super neat and a firm favourite with buyers.  They can be made in a huge variety of different beads or metals - I used silver but why not check out the great colours in niobium wire.   The Tutorial shows you have to use 4mm and 8mm beads.


  • 20 gauge or 0.8mm round wire
  • 4mm To 8mm Beads
  • Ear Nuts (Ear Backs, Butterfly Backs)    Available in the shop


Z Style Earvine Tutorial View

Earvines turn the whole idea of earrings upside-down literally!

These earrings pass through a pierced ear but then turn so that the design lays ‘up’ the ear!

They are very quick and easy to make and very comfortable to wear.

Try different beads for a whole host of different looks. I hope you love, what has been a firm favourite of mine for years.


  • 20 or 21 gauge - 0.7 or 0.8mm half hard round wire
  • 12 assorted small beads

Run Time 24:49

The Bow – Ear Cuff Tutorial View

Ear Cuffs are great fun, and wonderful as you do not need to make pairs - Getting them to fit can be more difficult.

This tutorial will guide you step by step to ensure that yours do.


  • 0.8mm or 20 gauge round wire
  • Focal and accent beads
  • 0.4 mm or 26 gauge round wire
  • 21 half round wire

Run Time 36:15

Genie Bottle Pendant & Earrings View

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This is a lovely matching earrings and pendant set.  Make use of those tiny gemstones and show them off to their best.

This is a great basic wrap that can be used time and time again - It frames gemstones to show that at their best and adding earrings is a great way to add an up sell.  Also by creating the wrap around the stone you are not limited to size or shape you can use this setting for just about anything!


  • 21 gauge square wire
  • 21 gauge & 18 gauge half round wire
  • Gemstones

Ear wires for the earrings (see French hooks/ear wires in the Free section)

Run Time 55:19

Vine Earrings Tutorial View

Delicate earrings embellished with beads and briolettes.  Summer and flowers go together don't lose summer take it with you everywhere you go with these organic easy to make earrings.  Whether to give as gifts or to sell or if they are for yourself you will be delighted!


  • 1mm or 18 gauge round wire
  • 0.4mm or 26 gauge round wire
  • Various beads and brioletts

Run Time 24:51

Vortex Earrings Tutorial View

Earrings with a twist!

The front and back of the wires twist and spiral just like a vortex. Look amazing with short or 'up' hair.

The tutorial demonstrates how to get both spirals the same so that you have a matching pair.


  • 1mm or 18 gauge half hard round wire (can use dead soft but tumble after making)
  • Beads for the ends

Other versions shown in tutorial.

Run Time 23.34