Viking Weave / Knit View

This tutorials shows you how to create Viking Weave sometimes called Viking Knit.

I use a perspex rod and a draw plate and 0.5mm or 24 gauge round wire however you can experiment to produce different weights and looks with anything from 0.3mm 28 gauge all the way to 0.7mm or 21 gauge much thicker than that and you will need super strong fingers and muscles like a wrestler.

Please note this tutorial is just to create the weave not a finished item - a tutorial will be out soon with some of the things you can make with the ever versatile viking weave.


0.5mm round wire

#11 seed beads


Run Time 19:37


Flower Pin/Brooch Tutorial View

Flower Pin/Brooch

Pretty, delicate and versatile.  You can double up the petals for a more complex fuller piece.  You could weave in between the petals or bead them. So many ways to change and alter this piece to suit whoever it is for.  A great seller for mothers day.

The tutorial shows you both the stick pin and a clip in brooch fastening.


  • 1mm or 18 gauge round wire.
  • 0.4mm or 26 gauge round wire
  • some beads for decoration.

Run Time 23:57




Chaos Beads View

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Making your own beads is satisfying and fun.  These make lovely additions to your jewellery or can be used a focal beads on cords for a necklace or bracelet.

These, especially the larger ones have proved very popular as men s jewellery.


  • Lots of 0.8mm or 20 gauge round wire
  • 4mm beads (optional)

Run Time 30:12

Christmas Decoration View

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Something different and unique for Christmas?   Or maybe for the garden?

Try these great fun to make, get the kids involved - my God-daughter loved making these so much, we has so many I strung them together and made garlands. They look super pretty around the tree.

The tutorial shows you how to make baubles or how to add existing fairy/Christmas lights to really make them twinkle.


  • 0.8mm or 20 gauge craft wire - Silver plate or coloured wire
  • Beads

Run Time 17:56

Hair and Scarf Pin View

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Two for One is always great but this tutorial covers two different pieces and each can be used as either a hair fork or scarf pin. If like me you have loads of hair this hair fork/pin will hold it in place while looking absolutely unique if you are not blessed (or cursed) with masses of hair or choose to sell these pop them through a knitted scarf they look great and secure the scarf and stops it blowing off in the wind.


The Triple Cab Pin
2mm or 14 gauge round wire

0.8mm or 20 gauge round wire

3 x Cabochons

The Tree Pin


2mm or 14 gauge round wire

1.6mm or 16 gauge round wire

0.8mm or 20 gauge round wire

6mm Beads

Run Time 59:01


Oliver The Owl – Slide Show Tutorial View

This tutorial uses still images rather than video so each step is a close up photo rather than video.

Oliver the Owl is so incredibly cute and he and all his owl brothers and sisters have their own personality can be used as a brooch/pin or a pendant I have even known people to fasten him to a belt of bag for a permanent decoration.


  • 1.6mm or 16 gauge round wire
  • 1mm or 18 gauge round wire
  • 0.8mm or 20 gauge round wire
  • 0.4mm or 26 gauge round
  • Large focal (tummy) Bead
  • 8mm Beads
  • 4mm Beads

Run Time 18:52