Quick Make – Beaded Leaf Pendant View

The Beaded Leaf Pendant is a Quick Make


Fast and simple to create this pendant can be made using any kind of bead!  Hammering is involved so you will need a hard block or surface and a hammer to smack that wire!

You could use a thinner wire and create two of these to make very pretty earrings


  • 14 gauge or 1.6mm round wire
  • 8mm bead

Run Time 9:16

The Cradled Moon Pendant View

The Cradled Moon Pendant Tutorial


This tutorial guides you through how to create and use a frame to hold a stone smaller than itself.  How to hold the stone and attach it to the frame.  Creating swirls and curls to disguise joins and attachments.

A really pretty pendant that will incorporate a cabochon this does not need to be a moonstone as I have used or even a circular stone.  This setting will lend itself to just about any shape.  Have fun trying different ideas and variants on this pretty design.


  • 1.6mm or 14 gauge round wire
  • 0.8mm or 20 gauge round wire
  • A cabochon (I used a 14mm round moonstone)

Run Time 25:00

Turtle Pendant Wrap Tutorial View

Turtle Pendant Tutorial


What is nicer than a little family of turtles, the shape is great for flat backed cabochons.  And Labradorite that I love is such a beautiful earthy natural stone to make my turtle shells.  But please do not be swayed by me, experiment and then show your turtles in the forum - Lets see how beautiful and unique they can be.

In the tutorial I show you had to make two (the two largest) of the turtles shown so that you get more of a feel how to personalise your own turtle.


  • 0.8mm or 20 gauge round wire
  • 0.4mm or 26 gauge round wire
  • Central focal stone


Run Time 59:50

Framed Briolette Pendant View

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Framed Briolette Pendant Tutorial

This frame does not have to be used for a briolette you could use it to mount either a row of beads or just a favorite bead.  The frame is a way of saying I love this bead and I want to show it to it's best advantage.  Or you could look at it as adding value to your bead and drop pendants.

However you decide to use it, it looks great!


0.8mm or 20 gauge round wire

0.4mm or 26 gauge round wire

Central briolette or beads

Tiny frame beads - seed beeds (11) or I used 2-3mm spinels

Run Time 29:00





Potion Bottle Pendant Tutorial View

The Potion Bottle Pendant Tutorial

This is a fairly quick make as there is not too much weaving involved.  The directions on the bail show what to do if it goes wrong!  If you do not have a long tapered bead to create this pendant do not worry you can use graduated round beads to create the same feeling for the pendant.  If you like it can be made in the Chakra colours that has always looked great and been a steady consistent seller.


  • 20 gauge or 0.8mm round dead soft wire
  • 26 gauge or 0.4mm round wire
  • Long tapered bead or several graduated beads to give the same effect

Run Time 32:46


Criss Cross Pendant Tutorial View

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The Criss Cross Pendant is a beautiful base for your creations.  Whether you want to use cabochons, tumble stones or a piece of glass, this is a great setting.  With a woven back and bail your wires then cradle whatever stone you want to set.

The woven base is designed in such a way that the criss cross wires that hold the stone in place are easily and regularly placed.

This pendant is a great addition to your skills and one I am sure you will use many, many times.

Run Time 41:29

Chaos Celtic Gemstone Cross Tutorial View

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Chaos Celtic Cross Gemstone Pendant Tutorial

Chaos designs are great fun to make, there is no right or wrong just keep building up the swirls and curls and chaotic movement of the wire. This tutorial shows you how to create the frame and then a holder for your gemstone anchored within that frame.  I also demonstrate how you would use beads if you prefer to use those rather than a gemstone.  Then we go through creating the chaos curls.

This tutorial will enable you not only to create this pendant but you can use the skills to create almost any shape you can conceive.


  • 1mm or 18 gauge round wire
  • 0.8mm or 20 gauge round wire
  • 0.5 mm or 24 gauge round wire
  • Gemstone (or bead/s)

Run Time 53.06



Deep Stone Heart Wrap Pendant Tutorial View

Deep stones, although full of colour and depth can lead to problems.  They can be difficult to wrap especially as pendants as they have a habit of wobbling or flopping over when worn.  You will be please to know that they is a way of solving this, enabling you to utilise these stunning gemstones.  The tutorial will guide you through making this stunning pendant.



  • 21 Gauge dead soft square wire
  • 21 gauge  half hard half round wire
  • A deep gemstone (you do not need a deep cut stone you could use this design for any stone, tumbled faceted or a cabochon)

Run Time 23:49

Bow Bell Woven Pendant Tutorial View

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Very pretty woven pendant that although takes time to complete is surprisingly easy to create.  Great with or without the drop bead and wonderful if you are making something for fund raisers as so many charities these days have a certain coloured ribbon.   I have made these with pink beads in both copper and pink wire for Breast Cancer awareness and they proved a great success on the day.


  • 0.8mm or 20 gauge round wire
  • 0.4mm or 26 gauge round wire
  • I used a long drop bead with a vertical hole - but you could use multiple smaller beads

Run Time 27:53


Floral Vine, Necklace, Earrings and Ring Tutorial View

This woven necklace, earrings and ring are stunning. Great for bridal jewellery or if you just want to make something that has real impact. Or take the design details and make it your own.

The tutorial covers the necklace, earrings and the ring so it is like three tutorials all in one.



  • 0.8mm or 20 gauge round wire
  • 0.4mm or 26 gauge round wire
  • Large Swarovski Element
  • 2mm Swarovski beads
  • Fresh Water Pearls
  • Silver Chain


  • 0.8mm or 20 gauge round wire
  • 0.4mm or 26 gauge round wire
  • Silver Chain
  • Swarovski crystal Beads
  • Ear Nuts or Ear Backs/Butterflies


  • 1mm or 18gauge round wire
  • 0.4mm or 26 gauge round wire
  • Various sized Swarovski beads


Run Time 1:15:31